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The Trials And Tribulations Of The Devil's Instrument.

How To Play The Notes On The Guitar

Ever come across music?  You know, those black dots on those five lines?  And then you said you can’t play  this because you don’t know how to read music.  Those little black dots don’t make any sense.  Well, don’t fret.  Here’s a couple of  quick pdf files that will let you learn what those notes are and how to play them on guitar, and it’s complete with pictures!  For ease of learning, I’ve seperated them into each string.  Enjoy!!!

Stay tuned for my next post on note values and some fun songs to play!

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As a private guitar instructor, and as a performing musician, I’ve come across all types of guitar players. Some good, some bad, and some just plain out there phenomenal. Always curious into what makes some people more adept at playing guitar than others, I’ve done a lot of research into what it takes to be a great player. As I pass this information on, keep on mind that there’s no secret ingredient, no fast and sure way to get instantly better, and no substitute for putting in the time on the guitar.

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    Hi Jim Greene,
    A concept I’ve had success with setting smaller and more concrete (chunkable) and achievable goals just think small one little lick or passage to conquer. Since I know my practice time will inevitably get reduced by things that always seem to happen beyond my control, instead of trying to mentally carve out an hour or more each day to work on learning a whole bunch of stuff. I break up my approach, and just focus on one small tiny piece ..something I can practice whenever I get the chance, five minutes here, 10 minutes there and stay focused on that one little piece to make sure I get it down before moving on. In the end it seems I am able to aquire more useable skills doing it this way than maybe sitting for a whole hour and getting distracted by a hundred licks I think I want to learn. Just always have that one little small thing at a time you are working on saves a lot of frustration knowing that you are still progressing even if you only have 5 minutes here or ten minutes there to practice

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