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The Trials And Tribulations Of The Devil's Instrument.

The Best Guitar Apps for your Android Phone….

There’s a lot of apps out there for smartphone’s and tablet’s. And if your a guitar player, there’s a lot of really cool apps out there for your phone and tablet, all available with the touch of your finger. Gone are the days of not practicing because you don’t know where that book is, I don’t know that chord, or my guitar’s out of tune and it sounds bad. Here’s a couple of apps that you absolutely need if your a guitar or bass player. ( Or any musician for that matter )

gStrings. gStrings is a chromatic tuner for your phone that uses the mic that’s already on your phone, so you don’t have to plug your guitar into it. It’s a great little app that let’s you auto tune, tune a specific note, and even gives you a pitch. And it’s free. No excuse for being out of tune. Here’s a link;

Mobile Metronome. Mobile Metronome is exactly what it says, it’s a metronome on your phone. It has just about everything you need, 10 to 230bpm, tap tempo, subdivision, up to 20 beats per measure, different sounds, and the list goes on. And that’s on the free app. If you need more, they have a paid version that has everything you could possibly want. Again, no excuses for not being in time. This is a must have for any guitar/bass/instrument player. Here’s a link.

Mobile Metronome


Chord ( Free ). So your sitting in on that jazz gig, or sightreading a show, and you come across a Gb13 chord. Ummmm, errrrr, I used to know what that was, or how do I get there from this Dbm7 chord? This app is what you need. It’ll show you the fingering in any tuning for just about any stringed instrument. No more lugging around a book of chords and flipping through it to find the right chord. Just look it up on your phone. The free version even comes with four free scales. The paid version has hundred’s more. Here’s a link.

Chord ( Free )


RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer. Here’s what I get from a lot of students. ” I don’t know where that note is. I don’t know what that note is. It’s hard. ” And then I think, if i could just make this a game, they’d have more fun and want to learn. Well, here it is. This is a great little game app to learn the notes on the fretboard. Pretty easy and fun, it let’s you learn at your own pace. Here’s a link;

RR Guitar Fretboard Trainer

All these are great apps that you can take with you anywhere to keep you in tune, in time, and playing all the right chords and notes. Have fun!!!

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As a private guitar instructor, and as a performing musician, I’ve come across all types of guitar players. Some good, some bad, and some just plain out there phenomenal. Always curious into what makes some people more adept at playing guitar than others, I’ve done a lot of research into what it takes to be a great player. As I pass this information on, keep on mind that there’s no secret ingredient, no fast and sure way to get instantly better, and no substitute for putting in the time on the guitar.

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